Space von spacenmeister - Spaceflyer z1

Basically one of the guys from AH has a brother who went to Japan in 2018 ( it might have been 2017 ? ) and came back with a present of this wind up retro space rocket. You might have seen it on the video . Anyway we've been staring at it for about 5 years or so and thought " you know what might be cool? Make it for MSFS. " So for the last 30 minutes of every friday for the last 3 months or so we loving played researched with the rocket. And now you get to play with it!


  • Lovingly researched materials and feel
  • Sounds recorded from the real aircraft.
  • Accurate instrumentation
  • Simple flight dynamics for the young 'uns and the young 'uns at heart.

Please note:
- There are some bugs we simply didnt have time to fix in 30 minutes of work every friday. Please read the notes that are bundled in the zip
- This is NOT compatible with XBox.
- Making pew pew noises is entirely your own affair.
- Built on the cessna 152 so it should "just work" ™