Livery Packs for MSFS Microsoft/Aeroplane Heaven DC-3

We take pleasure in announcing the first of a series of livery packs for our DC-3 in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
The liveries covered in Pack 1 are:

  • British European Airways (BEA) - Specifically for the "Left-Pax-Door" Version "RetroFit"
  • ICELANDAIR - for "Pax-Cargo" Version "RetroFit"
  • VARIG - for "Pax-Cargo" Version "RetroFit"
  • SABENA-- for "Pax-Cargo" Version "Classic"
  • BUFFALO AIRWAYS - for "Pax-Cargo" Version "RetroFit"
  • TAA Trans Australia Airlines - for "Pax-Cargo" Version "Classic"
  • TRANSAMAZONICA Columbia - for "Pax-Cargo" Version "Classic"

Please note:
- These livery textures are produced in 4K High Resolution and are specifically designed for the PC "Enhanced" version.
- They are NOT compatible with XBox.
- These are not designed for custom tail numbers. Please ensure that you turn off show tail number in the settings of MSFS.
More packs will be added to the series as and when time permits.

Or should you so wish we have made them exclusively available to Orbx available at their site and/or FTXcentral.