Avro Lancaster B MkI

The Avro Lancaster is one of those icons from World War Two. Designed for a purpose - to carry as much high explosive ordnance as possible and deliver it to the target with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. It did these things, unfailingly throughout the RAF Bomber Command daylight bombing offensive from 1942 right through to the end of the war. Together with stablemates, the Halifax and Sterling, The Lanc completed the trio of versatile heavy bombers employed by Bomber Command. Made famous in daring raids such as Operation Chastise - 617 Squadron the "Dambusters" dropping of the Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb and the bombing of the Tirpitz deep in an occupied Norwegian fjord, the Lancaster served well into the 1950' and 60's in many forces all around the World and was developed into the post-war Lincoln.


Our model depicts the BMk1 which was never really superceded as the RAF's standard heavy bomber. Apart from the additions of radar and specialist armaments, the Mk1 remained unchanged throughout the war. You will find an incredible level of detail in the model with bomb-room, front-turret, navigator and radio operator stations all meticulously detailed in the interior and a huge amount of authentic detail in the exterior including "pillow-puffing" in the metal skin and a full bomb-load in the bay. Turrets are detailed down to bullets in the feeder chutes and fully-modeled crew-members manning each. The pilot's cockpit is fully functional and highly accurate.

This is our tribute to the "Lanc" in the 100th year of the RAF and your opportunity to own a fantastic addition to your chosen simulator.

Screenshots ( work in progress and unedited )