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The F3F is compatible with Version 4 of Prepar3d with the following notes

The sound gauge that provides the interior switch sounds and some other custom sounds is still 32 bit.

To install use the Prepare3d installer and point to the installation directory of Prepar3d v4.0.

Updates and upgrades will always emailed to the email you used to purchase.

Grumman F3F-2

Originally constructed in 1934, the Grumman XF3F-1 prototype was powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1535 engine in more refined form. The production F3F-1 proved to be an agile, strong and deceptively (for its bulky looks) fast machine.

With a takeoff run of less than 200 feet, the aeroplane was the ideal response to the original brief for a carrier-based fighter.
In 1936, the XF3F-2 took to the air with a new Wright Cyclone powerplant, a top speed of 255 mph and a service ceiling of 33,800 feet. The US Navy ordered 81 Grumman F3F-2 s in 1937.

Development problems in the design programme for the new monoplane fighters led to an 'extension' of the useful career of the F3F and the production of the F3F-3 version for 1938. The F3F-3 was practically identical but had improved aerodynamics so was little faster.

Pilots enjoyed their 'flying barrels' immensely reporting them as a 'joy to fly' being fast, immensely strong and agile performers.


Snap rolls, tight turns and loops were carried out with ease and the aeroplane could be put down in a perfect three pointer at varying speeds and weight configurations.

The tough little Grummans became the mainstay fighters in all front-line squadrons of the US NAVY and MARINE CORPS throughout 1939 and on to the early days of the Second World War.

Many design features such as the complex action retracting undercarriage and 'tubby' fuselage would find their way into the new breed of ship borne fighters, the legendary F4F Wildcats and F6F Hellcats.
A total of 140 F2Fs and F3Fs were still on squadron strength at the outbreak of hostilities and the rugged little fighters remained in service as trainers, until as late as 1943.

History remade!

This is not the first time Aeroplane Heaven has made an F3F. The 'flying barrel' was one of our earliest productions way back in 2002. Back then the flight simulator of choice was FS2002 with the new FS2004 "century of flight" just on the horizon. The little Grumman became one of our top sellers and today remains as freeware on several sites such as and others. This new model represents all the latest techniques and technology available to us today and incorporates a lot of exciting new features. However, the complex retracting undercarriage is still a challenge for any 3D modeller/animator!

Innovative features


  • All new hi-fidelity models with superb detail including modelled rivets and overlapping panels.
  • Beautifully detailed 9-cyclinder Wright Cyclone engine.
  • Brilliant stereo sound pack includes the “stutter-start”of the big Cyclone radial.
  • Many unique animations include vibrating exhausts and authentic gear retraction.
  • Full, animated cockpit in exterior model.
  • Cockpit sounds such as switches, knobs and levers.
  • Sunsplinter effects on Perspex.


  • Special configuration panel to show bomb trolley, remove pilot and adjust seat positions.
  • Choice of electric or cartridge starts.

6 LIVERIES AND A paintkit

  • Six high definition livery sets with special metal and bump effects.
  • Easy-to-use Pro-quality paintkit to make your own schemes.

Technical requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8
  • FSX SP2/Accel pack/Steam
  • Prepar3d V2.x V3.x V4.0 (compatible)
  • Simulator compatibility
  • Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM
  • Hard drive : 450 MB